Rehab and Beyond Provides Free Rehabilitative Continuum of Care Services to Stroke & Brain Injury Survivors

Our Program Bridges the Recovery Gap and Transitions Participants from Patient to Self-Dependence


Rehab and Beyond is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization, founded in Atlanta, GA dedicated to providing free rehabilitative continuum of care to stroke and brain injury survivors.

Using an integrated wellness approach, Rehab and Beyond combines physical and cognitive rehabilitation therapies, medical exercise, motivation and physician backed health coaching to improve the quality of life for stroke and brain injury survivors. Our program bridges the recovery gap and transitions participants from patient to self-dependence.


Public donations help fund the Rehab and Beyond Support System of Care. All resources are dedicated to the five following areas of focus:

  • Physical Rehabilitation Training
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation Training
  • Financial Assistance and Medical Equipment
  • Group Support
  • Community Events

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These are the recent causes that we are concentrating our effort and resources to. In order for us to continue to be successful, we need your help. Please think about sending us a donation. Thank you in advance!

Specialty training/Medical exercise

Performed by highly educated specialty trainers, specializing in medical exercise. We provide professionally planned exercises designed for your specific needs.

Health Coaching

Our Health Coaching is performed by certified health coaches. We provide physician backed information on disease prevention or reparation, weight loss, the stabilization of glucose (blood sugar levels), lowering bad cholesterol, promoting the stabilization of blood pressure.

Physical Therapy

Performed by licensed health care professionals. The treatment of disease, injury, or deformity, by physical methods.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Performed by licensed health care professionals. Vestibular rehabilitation, balance and coordination training, gait rehabilitation, eye-movement exercises, visual-motor therapy and auditory therapy.

Equipment Location

We will locate and provide equipment needed to assist you in your rehabilitation such as walkers, wheelchairs, braces, crutches, and more.

Support Group Events, Engagement, & Activities

To provide events that promote support for the disabled such as support group special events, dinners, concerts, and more.

Help us provide Rehab and other services to those in need: