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Ask Coach Stan: Coach Stan’s Top 3 Green Foods + Health Benefits [VIDEO]

  This month we’re introducing a new education segment titled “Ask Coach Stan”  featuring Rehab and Beyond Founder & CEO Coach Stan Maddox. Coach Stan Maddox is a certified health coach and physical rehabilitative trainer specializing in stroke and brain injury continuum of care. On this episode of “Ask Coach Stan”, discover which fruits and…


Rehab and Beyond Survivor Spotlight: Peggy Smith

Ms. Peggy, a.k.a. Coach Peggy, recently celebrated her two year stroke anniversary! She suffered a hemorrhagic stroke in 2017, and has been fighting for her recovery like the true champion and superhero that she is ever since.   Three weeks post stroke, Ms. Peggy couldn’t stand for more than 17 seconds. After completing and persevering…


Video Game Therapy for Stroke and Brain Injury Survivors [VIDEO]

Today, the world recognizes National Video Games Day! Traditionally, video games are exalted for their entertainment value. However, here at Rehab and Beyond, we’re celebrating the technological innovation that video games provide to stroke and brain injury survivors. These advancements offer stroke and brain injury survivors fun, interactive, and effective rehabilitation alternatives that can be…