These are the recent causes that we are concentrating our effort and resources to. In order for us to continue to be successful, we need your help. Please think about sending us a donation. Thank you in advance!

Rehab Training

Performed by certified rehabilitation trainers, specializing in providing care for Stroke survivors, TBI survivors, Cancer survivors, living with Parkinson’s disease, High blood pressure, Diabetic, Back, Joint issues, and so many more… We provide professionally planned exercises designed for your specific needs.

Health Coaching

Our Health Coaching is performed by certified health coaches. We provide physician backed information on disease prevention or reparation, weight loss, the stabilization of glucose (blood sugar levels), lowering bad cholesterol, promoting the stabilization of blood pressure.

Physical Therapy

Performed by licensed health care professionals. The treatment of disease, injury, or deformity, by physical methods.

“Day of Rehab”  Free Therapy

“Day of Rehab” is a day that we provide free therapy to the underserved Stroke and Brain injury surviving community.  In the form of physical therapy, occupational therapy, recreation therapy, rehab training, and speech therapy.  Call us today to find out the date of the next event.

Equipment Location

Our friends at Fodac(friends of disabled adults and children) donate equipment to all in need, free of charge.  Click the link below to contact them!


Support Group Events, Engagement, & Activities

To provide events that promote support for the disabled such as support group special events, dinners, concerts, and more.