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The CDC reports Stroke costs the United States an estimated $34 billion each year. This total includes the cost of health care services, medicines to treat stroke, and missed days of work.


In addition,  the Center for Disease Control,  reports that acute care and rehabilitation of brain injury patients in the United States costs about $9 billion to $10 billion per year. This does not include indirect costs to society as well as to families, including costs associated with lost earnings, work time, and productivity, as well as the costs linked to providing social services.


These statistics are more than numbers to the survivors and families that are affected by stroke and brain injury. The absence of funds, limitations, or lack of health insurance to receive certified medical therapies after stroke and brain injury can be the difference between a survivor learning to walk, returning to work, speaking, cooking, reading, etc. Continuum of care therapy not only improves the quality of life for survivors, it also helps the family and caregivers whose personal and financial lives have been impacted.


Rehab & Beyond Founder Coach Stan Maddox was motivated to create the Rehab Training Scholarship after witnessing his aunt’s battle with reoccurring strokes. Sadly, she passed when she was unable to afford continuum of care therapies and resources.


The Rehab and Beyond Training Scholarship awards a stroke or brain injury survivor with physical therapy  and rehab training sessions at no cost. The RTS is funded by public donations. 


The National Stroke and Brain Injury Continuum of Care program provides physical and cognitive rehabilitation that reinforces, strengthens and further builds upon skills learned in acute and outpatient therapies. Our specialized continuum of care rehabilitation sessions are designed to increase safety by improving balance and strengthening motor function, coordination and memory. This life changing rehabilitation also focuses on deficits caused by paralysis. Each recovery plan is specifically tailored to meet the needs of participating survivors. This specialization improves quality of life, increases safety, and promotes prolonged life expectancy for stroke and brain injury survivors.

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Requirements of Eligibility

● Must be a Stroke or Brain Injury survivor

● Patient must be able to show proof of therapy denial or inability to self-fund rehabilitation. This can be proven from current case manager letter or income/debt ratio form.

● Patient must be able to receive outpatient services

● Patient must be able to provide “plan of care(script)” from physician

● Patient must live or be able to travel to the state of Georgia for services