It’s Hispanic Heritage Month and what better time to spread stroke awareness! Minorities have higher stroke rates than the general population, and similar to African-Americans, the risk factors that cause strokes continue to rise in the Hispanic community. Whether it be limited access to healthcare and resources, scientists don’t know exactly why Hispanics have higher risks. However, they believe lifestyle and social factors may play a role.

Here at Rehab and Beyond, we believe in #StrokePreventionForAll! We need your help to bring awareness to the communities that are most affected. We’ve compiled a list of ‘5 Stats You Should Know About Strokes in the Hispanic Community‘. Share this information with your family, friends and loved ones. After you’ve read through our stats, you will also find a link to stroke resources written in Spanish provided by the American Stroke Association.

 1. High Rates of Stroke Risk Factors in the Hispanic Community

2. Strokes and Hispanic Men:

The average age for a stroke among non-Hispanic whites is 80, but among Hispanics living in the United States, it’s 67.

3. Diabetes, Ancestry, and Stroke

4. High Blood Pressure and Stroke: Hispanic Americans are noted to have elevated rates of high blood pressure. In particular, those who reside in New York City (28%) or those from the Dominican (39%) appear to be at an even higher risk. [U.S. News & World Report]

5. Obesity and Stroke

For more information, click the words below to find stroke resources in Spanish via the American Stroke Association:

Stroke Resource Library In Spanish