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Rehab and Beyond Champions Showcase Their Strength On World Stroke Day [VIDEO]

While observing World Stroke Day 2019, Rehab and Beyond released a short video montage to social media recognizing the courage, resilience and achievements of  stroke survivors participating in the Rehab and Beyond National Stroke and Brain Injury Continuum of Care Program. We’re extremely inspired by their determination to live life BEYOND stroke.


80 million people have survived stroke worldwide and many need rehabilitation after completing acute and outpatient therapies. This form of rehabilitation is known as continuum of care, and this area of stroke recovery is our specialty.


The National Stroke and Brain Injury Continuum of Care program provides physical and cognitive rehabilitation that reinforces, strengthens and further builds upon skills learned in acute and outpatient therapies. Specialized continuum of care rehabilitation sessions with Rehab and Beyond are designed to improve balance, motor function, coordination, memory, including deficits caused by paralysis, and more. Each recovery plan is specifically tailored to meet the needs of participating survivors. This specialization  improves quality of life, increases safety, and promotes prolonged life expectancy for stroke and brain injury survivors.


As always, TOGETHER we are getting beyond stroke and brain injury.


Rehab and Beyond is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization, founded in Atlanta, GA dedicated to providing free rehabilitative continuum of care to stroke and brain injury survivors.

Click this link and help Rehab and Beyond provide NSBCC resources and therapy to stroke and brain injury survivors in need! 

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