Two Rehabilitative Therapists, one male and one female, from Rehab and Beyond Non-profit Stand together holding National Stroke and Brain Injury Continuum Care Certification that female therapists has recently earnedRehabilitation

Welcome Keenan Whitesides to the Rehab and Beyond Team!

It’s official, the Rehab and Beyond team is growing!


As the occurrence of stroke and brain injury continue to rise, the demand to secure and develop qualified medical professionals to meet survivors specialized rehabilitative needs also increases.


In our mission to serve low-income stroke and brain injury communities around the world, Rehab and Beyond is committed to amplifying our reach by locating and cultivating dedicated, passionate and highly-skilled personnel. Continuing in our effort, we’re excited to announce the addition of Keenan Whitesides to the Rehab and Beyond rehabilitative coaching team.


Coach Keenan Whitesides is a neurological physical therapist at Emory specializing in rehabilitation of clients with stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI), concussion, and other neurological conditions. She majored in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology at Emory University and completed her physical therapy doctorate education at Duke University. She completed her residency in Neurology at Emory University and currently works in the Emory Brain Health Center at located at Executive Park.

Whitesides is the first rehabilitative coach to complete and receive certification from the Rehab and Beyond National Stroke and Brain Injury Continuum of Care program created by founding organizer and director, Coach Stan Maddox. Within her role, Whitesides will guide and coach recipients of the Rehab Training Scholarship.

When she isn’t coaching our stroke and brain injury communities, she loves hiking, puzzling, and reading. She can often be found in one of the local Georgia State parks snapping some nature photos or summiting the highest mountain she can find. Whitesides is originally from Wilmington, NC and currently lives in downtown Atlanta.


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
― Maya Angelou


Watch Coach Whitesides receive her NSBCC Certification!

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